Sustained Improvement to Employee Principles is Important for Growth

top-employer2017We recently spoke to Tswelo Kodisang, our Group Chief Human Resources Executive at Tiger Brands to get a better understanding of what the 2017 Top Employer Certification means to him personally, to Tiger as well as what it means for the employees themselves. Tiger’s commitment to optimise, develop and work to improve in this year’s results to ensure that Tiger Brands is a great place to work and becomes an even better employer.  During our chat, Tswelo also shares with us a bit of background on himself as well as some excellent advice for graduates and matriculants who are looking at entering the job market.

Tswelo cites digital disruption as a powerful motivator for the field of human resources. As we as consumers get exposed to always on communication and simple processes on a daily basis; we are beginning to demand the same level of experience from our employers. This is indeed an exciting time to be in the Human Resources space and indeed in a Fast Moving Consumer Goods organisation such as Tiger Brands who are driven to deliver the best employee brand possible.

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