Tiger Brands tops the Charts at the Sunday Times Top Brands Awards 2016

We are standing proud as several of our brands have been voted number one in their category or in the top 10 of South Africa’s favourite brands. We are even more delighted that KOO has been voted as the Grandprix Overall Favourite Brand in SA, clinching the title away from other strong global icons.

The 18th annual Sunday Times Top Brands Awards were held at The Maslow Hotel last night, 23 August 2016, celebrating the heartthrobs in the marketing industry. They are held in honour of brands in the business and consumer sector as voted for by consumers in the annual survey. The insightful brand equity survey was run by an independent research house, TNS, where the brands that set marketing flames alight were revealed. The survey measures brand size, presence and brand power.

KOO was the biggest winner of the day in the category of Overall Favourite Brand, with Coca-Cola and KFC coming behind us at 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Well done to all the teams behind the winning and top 10 brands.

Tiger Brands won and made top 10 in the following categories:

  • Grand Prix, Overall Favourite Brand:  Winner – Koo, 5th – Lucky Star, 6th – Tastic
  • Fruit Juice Category: 4th– Oros, 6th– Halls
  • Cereals Category: 3rd– Jungle Oats, 6th– Morvite,  9th– Jungle Oatso Easy
  • Chilled Processed Meats: Winner – Enterprise, 4th– Renown, 7th, Mielie-Kip, 8th Bokkie (The whole of the VAMP/ “Enterprise” business)
  • Essential Foods:  Winner – Tastic, 2nd – Albany, 5th– Fatti’s & Moni’s, 7th– Ace, 8th– Aunt Caroline
  • Tinned Foods: Winner – Koo, 2nd– Lucky Star, 3rd– All Gold, 5th– Enterprise, 7th– Hugo’s.

KOO - Logo 2015 - RGB - JPG SmallNewPOSLogoBrand_Oros_LogoBrand_Halls_LogoMorvite original logoEnterprise Everyday Logo(LARGE) Brand_Renown_Logo-3mieliekip_logo-300x225bokkiealbany logoAce logoAunt Caroline LogoALL GOLD 2011 LOGO_WhiteBrand_Hugos_Logo

The methodology followed this year looked at a brand’s penetration in the marketplace whilst also examining its relative strength amongst its users and its relative attraction amongst non-users – the concept of relative advantage. The final index can be thought of as the brand’s standing in both the market place and in people’s heads. The consumer sample represents all South African adults. The total sample for 2016 is 3500, with 2500 interviews in metro SA and 1000 interviews in non-metro areas of SA.

With the strict abovementioned methodology approach, three of our brands managed to top the charts where KOO was voted the number one overall favourite brand.

We got a word from the KOO team on their accolades; “Even though the consumers don’t know the people behind the brand, it is so rewarding for our team to see the hard work yielding results” says Leigh- Anne Govender, Marketing Manager, KOO. The Category Executive for groceries, Michaela Murning, has only been with the business for three months and is already collecting accolades. Michaela congratulates her team and she is delighted to have joined a division which has an incredible portfolio of brands including KOO. “I asked myself why KOO has won. KOO has non-users who also love the brand. KOO really gets into the heart and minds of the consumer” she adds. KOO has great potential and opportunity for a greater future.

Tiger Brands is proud to bask in glory of its strong and iconic brands that all South Africans clearly love.   Congratulations to all our teams for this marvellous achievement.

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