Tiger Brands partners with The Nelson Mandela Foundation for youth empowerment through the Great South African Cook Book Initiative

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Tiger Brands is proud to partner with the Nelson Mandela Foundation as the principal sponsor of the first The Great South African Cookbook – a grand celebration of food we love from 67 of our finest cooks, chefs, bakers, farmers, foragers and local food heroes.

“We immediately resonated with the initiative because of its strategic fit to our primary citizenship pillar – which is food and nutrition security,” says Bridgitte Backman, Group Executive for Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.

Tiger Brands believes in nurturing young talent through diverse programmes, spanning Marketing, Human Resources and CSI, and wanted to include a youth element in this book. “As no initiative in honour of Madiba would be complete without incorporating his love for the youth, Tiger Brands scouted hospitality schools across the country to find student chefs that are true ambassadors of their province,” says Backman. “We wanted to find one student chef in each province that exemplified the spirit of youth through their passion for cooking, but we ended up with ten instead of the original nine!” she says.

In addition to being featured in this extraordinary book, the 10 provincial winners will participate in a Cookout Competition where an overall winner will be decided.  The Cookout will be held in the morning of June 16 at the Constitutional Hill, followed by a gala dinner in the evening, themed ‘celebrating the spirit of the youth’.  “We felt the Youth Day, which this year commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Soweto Uprising, was a significant way to honour these young chefs.”

“We’ve selected Constitution Hill as the befitting backdrop for this prestigious event that celebrates the youth struggle heroes of the past along with the youth culinary heroes of the future. We are excited about remembering this historic day in a unique way – through the celebration of food and cooking, which cuts cultural barriers to inspire locally and unite nationally.”

Each of the 10 finalists will get a year of tuition fees and books paid for as well as prize money and 6 months worth of products for their school kitchen.  The overall winner of the Tiger Brands Great South African Student Chef Cookout will win prize money as well as a one-year internship with Tiger Brands’ Executive Chef.  She/He will be taught recipe development, will work on projects involving product development and attend a variety of 1 day cooking courses held by the South African Chefs Association.

As a leading food manufacturer in South Africa, we acknowledge the responsibility and role we can play in driving food and nutrition security. It is for this reason that Tiger Brands is The Nelson Mandela Foundation’s anchor partner for issues pertaining to food and nutrition security.  Tiger Brands became the principal sponsor of The Great South African Cookbook as this is one of the initiatives that promotes awareness around food and nutrition security in South Africa. All proceeds from the sale of the book, which is due to launch in July, go towards increasing support for marginalized communities with access to food.  All royalties from the sales of the book will be given to the Nelson Mandela Foundation to develop and support community food and agricultural projects to aid in the upliftment of the impoverished through food sustainability and empowerment. The Nelson Mandela Foundation has partnered with Food & Trees for Africa, an organisation which advances and promotes climate change action, sustainable natural resource management, permaculture food security and organic farming.  The book will be published in July for Mandela Day.

SIDEBAR: Food security is a major citizenship driver for Tiger Brands. Tiger Brands contributed R 28 464 378 towards community development in 2015. Of this, 76% was dedicated to initiatives that promote and enhance the ability of marginalised groups to access food. Additionally, The Tiger Brands Foundation feeds 43 000 children from non-fee-paying schools across all 9 provinces per day. This programme supplements the Department of Basic Education’s in-school feeding programme.  Additionally, we have partnered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) to support with drought relief initiatives within the 5 identified provinces. This includes providing food parcels and water, as well as funding for the development of boreholes for drinking and agricultural activities. Tiger Brands is also assisting with the development community veggie gardens, and will provide seeds, training, mentoring and monitoring to ensure the sustainability of these gardens.  In August 2015. Tiger Brands signed an MOU with DAFF for the development and support of small-holder farmers. The agreement ensures guaranteed offtake agreements for identified crops.

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