Innovation is important for sustained growth

We recently spoke to Fru Nche – Executive Head of Grains Innovation/Technical at Tiger Brands to get a better understanding of what innovation means within the grains division in the FMCG space. During our chat Fru shares with us his thoughts around what drives and sustains innovation as well as what disruptors are on the horizon for the FMCG industry. Fru expresses his thoughts around how and where graduates can fast track their careers in the innovation space and also gives a few clues as to where some of the innovations of the future are coming from; based on the disruption coming directly from the consumer.

Executives within organisations of all sizes need to embrace and enable innovation as a core part of their businesses. Innovation needs to be part of the culture and molded as such. Innovation at its core is not a series of successes, but rather a progression of fast failure and rapid learning and development. The organisations who are getting this right are the ones leading their respective industries and forcing disruption down on their competitors.

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