Young Tiger wins Silver packing award

Packaging has become somewhat of an art form that involves the skilful combination of design and technology through the use of purposefully selected materials. This is then coupled with branded marketing messages, symbols and logo’s which all come together to create something wherein brands place their products to be presented to the market. This is no simple feat.

To this end, the Institute of packaging SA has created the Student Gold Pack (SGP) competition- which allows its participants the unique opportunity to showcase their excellence and creativity in developing packaging solutions and concepts that disrupt the status quo and forge new paths into the future of branded packaging.

This competition consists of three categories: Packaging, design and Food sciences. As far as packaging is concerned, applicants are allowed to submit their ideas and these are accepted into the competition provided they satisfy certain minimum criteria. The ones who exceed this minimum criterion are selected and then proceed to the next round where a panel of selected judges determine the winner of the competition locally, and finally the applicants are assessed nationally to find the ultimate winner. In the latest installment of this competition, one of the briefs for the packaging section of the competition was to create a promotional gift pack for a product category of their choice.

“This gift pack was to be designed so that it would transform the basic product into something truly unique and special by combining the product with a promotional offering, while ensuring that it is presented in packaging that adds value to the product and would encourage consumers to purchase it as a gift they can give away.”

profile savania goundenIt is with great pride that we announce that our very own Savania Gounden has taken part in this competition – an initiative she had taken upon herself to partake in – and has successfully secured herself the Silver Award within her category for her Jelly Tots Gift Pack entry.

The final assessment of her entry reads as follows…

“Excellent write up with good research, met the project brief well and the concept adds value to the Jelly Tots offering. The pack concept is simple yet eye-catching to the target market and offers the benefit of a reusable game.”

A big congratulations goes out to Savania for her beautiful work of art, from all of us here at Tiger Brands Ltd . This is an amazing concept, and we look forward to seeing many more great things from her in the future.

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