2016 Kasi Star Brands Survey Winners

The winners for the 2016/2017 Kasi Star Brands Survey, that established which brands enjoy the highest loyalty among South Africa’s township, have been announced. We are delighted that eight of our brands have won in their categories!

Congratulations to our brands who have won in their categories in the Kasi Star Brands survey.  They are:

Brands become symbols and contribute to the way township consumers define their status and their personalities. Ask Afrika, the largest independent South African market research company, conducted the survey to rank brands across 164 product categories. TGI (Target Group Index) employed an enumerated area sampling design. Approximately 5000 consumers were surveyed from South African townships representing approximately 10.1 million adult South African consumers in this sector.

“We are delighted that our award winning brands are weaved into the fabric of our vibrant South African Townships” says Theo Motha, Marketing Executive at Tiger Brands. We believe the informal retail sector, comprising amongst others, more than 134 000 spazas and neighbourhood supermarkets as well as over 500 000 of what is regarded as ‘Table Tops’. Between 2012 and 2015 this market experienced a 12 percent increase in total number of transactions. Spazas and other forms of informal retail traders exhibit a complex and integrated relationship with their customer base. Tiger Brands’ focus and strategy has been growth in township general trade, through developing an effective route to market in metro areas as well as frontier supply. We depend heavily on consumer insight, understanding trade dynamics and fact based targets.

“These awards attest that Tiger Brands properly understands shoppers and the retail environment in townships in order to successfully build our brands. In everything that we do we, we do with the consumer in mind. We are passionate about understanding our consumers’ needs as part of our core values.  To have won so many brand accolades is very exciting for Tiger because it shows that we have a vote of confidence from our consumers,” said Theo.

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