Tiger Brands and The Nelson Mandela Foundation to produce the Great South African Cook Book

Tiger Brands and The Nelson Mandela Foundation to produce the Great South African Cook Book


Food Security – the ability for people to access safe and nutritious food to meet their daily minimum dietary requirements – is a major global challenge. In Southern Africa alone, nearly 29 million people already don’t have reliable access to enough affordable and nutritious food – a challenge that will be significantly exacerbated by the current drought. As a leading food manufacturer in South Africa, we acknowledge the responsibility and role we can play in driving food security, especially in under-resourced communities. It is for this reason that Tiger Brands is The Nelson Mandela Foundation’s anchor partner for food security.

As one of the initiatives to promote awareness around food security in South Africa, and to create additional funds to support marginalized communities with access food, Tiger Brands has become the primary sponsor ofThe Nelson Mandela Foundation’s The Great South African Cookbook. This extraordinary, ‘one of a kind’ cookbook will feature 67 top South African chefs, cooks and food artisans in a unique celebration of South African cuisine. All proceeds from the sale of the book – which will be on shelves in July 2016 to coincide with Madiba’s birthday celebrations – will be used by the Foundation to bolster efforts around food security.

“We immediately resonated with the initiative because of its strategic fit to our primary citizenship pillar – which is food security,” says Bridgitte Backman, Group Exec for Corporate Affairs and Sustainability. “Moreover, the central concept of this book – cooking with love – is another brand position opportunity for us”. For the creation of the book, each chef has been asked one simple question to guide their recipe selection, and that is, what would they cook for someone they loved. “We would like to believe that our products are a part of every loving meal, shared on every South African table, every day. The “cooking with love” theme offers us a tangible way to link our product brands with the corporate sponsorship,” Bridgitte said.

In addition to the mouth-watering recipes, we hope that the book will inspire South Africans through the stories of the chefs themselves. Sipho Khoza is one of these 67 Chefs. He is a Tiger Brands graduate chef who was discovered through a Tiger cooking competition, and now works for a one of the luxury Game Reserve, in the Eastern Cape as a top chef. Interestingly, Sipho mentioned to the publishers that prior to cooking, he was destitute and had to resort to petty crime just to survive. Winning the Tiger Brands’ competition saved his life – literally.

As a way to add to the richness of the book and the compelling stories of the South Africans featured in it, Tiger Brands is embarking on an initiative to identify 9 up-and –coming community chefs. “In partnership with the Department of Higher Education, we have identified culinary schools in each province that are in under privileged areas. Through competitions, we will identify the top student in each province that will also be featured in The Great South African Cookbook. This will significantly catapult their exposure as a ‘star on the rise’ in culinary circles.” Each school and participating students will also receive prizes, including bursaries, equipment and products for the school.

The Book is expected to receive significant exposure and support from corporate South Africa. One of the initiatives to promote the book will include CEO’s cookout – CEOs cooking for the community. Participating CEOs will be ‘taught’ how to cook by a celebrity chef as part of a big PR exercise. These meals will be served by the CEOs themselves to underprivileged South Africans, and each CEO will be invited to share the meal with the people they are serving. The exchange of the stories at the table is part of the awareness around the plight of those who are not able to access food in a sustainable way.

SIDEBAR: Food security is a major citizenship driver for Tiger Brands. Tiger Brands contributed R 28 464 378 towards community development in 2015. Of this, 76% was dedicated to initiatives that promote and enhance the ability of marginalised groups to access food. Additionally, The Tiger Brands Foundation feeds 43 000 children from non-fee paying schools across all 9 provinces per day. This programme supplements the Department of Basic Education’s in-school feeding programme.

Additionally, we have partnered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) to support with drought relief initiatives within the 5 identified provinces. This includes providing food parcels and water, as well as funding for the development of boreholes for drinking and agricultural activities. Tiger Brands is also assisting with the development community veggie gardens, and will provide seeds, training, mentoring and monitoring to ensure the sustainability of these gardens.
In August 2015. Tiger Brands signed an MOU with DAFF for the development and support of small-holder farmers. The agreement ensures guaranteed offtake agreements for identified crops.

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